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An Inspirational Quotes a Day Keeps Coronavirus Away

Inspirational Quotes

Are you a person who has a quote for everything? Well, even if you are not, in situations like these, a motivating and inspirational quote cannot harm. It might be very helpful to calm us down and ensure that everything will be fine once this is all over. The outbreak of COVID-19 surprised us all, and many are still trying to find a way to cope with these uncertain times, so let’s see if a quote can help.

Where to Find Good Inspirational Quotes?

Good quotes can be found anywhere around us, but not every quote works for everyone. Therefore you need to find your own, something that will make sense to you. We spend most of these days in home isolation and have plenty of time to read books or listen to music, and that is where we can find the best quotes that will mean something to us. Another option is to find some online books or audiobooks. If there is anything good about the novel Coronavirus, it is the fact that now we have more time to dedicate to such relaxing and uplifting activities.

Quotes That Never Die

Quotes are very popular nowadays. Many people decide to tattoo them on their body or to use them as a piece of decoration in their home.

There is a quote for any event or thing in life. Some would say that these are cliches, overused, or boring, but we prefer to think they are evergreen and inspiring. It is all a matter of perspective. These quotes are recycled over the years because they are universal and can fit every situation. We don’t know the authors of a lot of them; these quotes just somehow became legendary.

Quotes by Famous People

On the other hand, some quotes can be described as more thoughtful or meaningful, and their authors are some of the most famous people, such as novelists, actors, etc. These quotes are more “deep” and they will make you think about them for a while, so here are some of our favorites:

“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.”  Rudyard Kipling

“Ignorance is the parent of fear.  Herman Melville

“I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.  William Allen White

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”  Marcus Aurelius

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”  Muhammad Ali

“Life will knock us down. But, we can choose to get back up.”  Jackie Chan

“Everything negative, pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.”  Kobe Bryant

How Coronavirus Shapes Our Thoughts

After Coronavirus was characterized as a global pandemic by WHO, people all over the world started panicking. Entire cities were put under quarantine for weeks, and many people are struggling to keep their sanity in difficult times like these. Panic attacks, anxiety, stress, overthinking, etc. are something that a lot of people are going through right now. Staying home and reading a book or cooking is fun for the first few days; after that, many people start to struggle when they are closed in four walls for so long. And the media is not helping at all. The news about the virus is everywhere, forecasts are not good, and the numbers of infected people keep rising, so it is hard to escape from negative thoughts.

How a Quotes Can Help

Once you find that one sentence, or more of them that make you feel good and positive about tomorrow, we recommend printing them, or even better, writing them on a piece of paper. Decorate them the way you want, and hang somewhere you can see them. You can put these quotes next to the place where you drink your morning coffee, or in that corner where you meditate or do yoga. Frame them in a picture frame and hang on a wall next to your work desk. Options are endless. It is up to you to pick the right quote and place.

If none of these seem to fit you, you can always be your own master and create a quote that is more personal and suitable. That might help even more. It does not have to rhyme, it does not have to be short, and it does not have to make sense to anyone else but you. Stay at home and try to stay positive. Just because someone pressed the pause button, that does not mean that the world is ending. If you cannot cope with your anxious thoughts and stress, please seek professional help or counseling.

Can a Good Quote Save the Day?

We shared some of our suggestions with you, and ideas on where you can find a good quote. You can even create your own quotes. It is a good idea to visualize it and turn it into a sign that will always be somewhere in your sightline. That way, it will always remind you that everything is going to be ok and that there is no reason to panic. These days everyone is trying to find a way to deal with this situation, but if exercising, cooking, or reading tons of books are not something that works for you, perhaps a good quote is.

Selena Thomas


Author’s Bio: Selena Thomas is a content writer who loves sharing tips on healthy lifestyles. A writer by day and a reader by night, she’s fond of writing articles that can help people in improving both physical and mental health. Also, she loves traveling and inspires people on her blogs.

Inspirational Quotes
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