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The Most Brilliant Ideas For Your Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

These days, most of the interior design has the same architecture standard: compact, smart, and friendly.

That is what we call modern design. If you are wondering if there is any sharp criterion here to determine if a house is modern or not, then the answer is:

No. There is no pre-defined boundary for creativity.

Several aspects are considered when the owner wants to modify or redecorate their house, including the kitchen. It will be a pleasure if you come with us to the ideas below to innovate your current kitchen.

Kitchen Interior: Appliances And Furniture

By kitchen interior, we mean the fixed or semi-fixed installation in your kitchen, such as stove, fridge, or table. 

These installations and how you arrange them can massively affect your kitchen overview. Let’s see why:

Compact blend-in electric stove

All kitchens have stoves, we all know that. But the thing that not everyone would know is how to pick a compact-looking one.

You should find the one that can blend in the surroundings and left your dining room with no rugged angle. There are two common kinds of stove currently being used in the kitchen: the gas burner and the electric burner.

So what makes the difference between these two stoves?

Frankly saying, it is the surface.

Some people might prefer the oldskool look of the gas burner, but a flat surface electric stove would make the kitchen look much neater. And the electric stove is much safer, too! The flame would not flare up because your stove is fire-free!

Dish and cookware storage

From long ago, we only have two traditional ways to keep the washed dish: in the cabinet or on the floating shelf.

Some might ask: What does choice the cabinet have to do with the kitchen’s look? They are all the same.

No, it is not only about choosing the fit shape and color. You also need to pick the right shade and texture, also choose between open shelves or closed cabinets.

Of course, you can hang the cookware if you have some wall hooks. But you should look for the best cookware for electric stove. You will not want to expose those hanging scorched frying pan to your friends.

Window and indoor glass

Do you know that a house with natural lighting is now a growing trend?

We are running out of natural resources for the heating and lighting operation. Every year, we have the Earth Hour movement held by WWF to encourage people to turn off the light for 1 hour.

So why not build your self-illuminating kitchen to make the most use of the natural sunlight outside?

Large window face to the direction of morning light, also you can add some short curtains for a cozy vibe. Besides, sunlight can warm up your kitchen. Standing in the soft bright light, and you will feel as fresh as a daisy. 

The Decoration

You will not leave your kitchen in the dull solid color of the appliances, won’t you?

There is another thing you would need to do: decoration!

Tiled wall with backsplash

Can you imagine our kitchen without backsplash?

That would be a huge… eww. The oil and liquid from our dishes will splash or jump out of the frying pan, leaving unremovable dirty stains all over the wall.

Backslash tiles not only protect your kitchen’s wall from everyday damages but also offer easy cleaning each time you want to do a cleanup.

But you should choose your tiles’ patterns and colors thoroughly. These tiles are at a very noticeable place, so make sure that it would match some other furniture in your kitchen.

Flower vases or flower pots?

The choice of flower holder depends on your own interest.

But if you get some real pot, you will need to find the appropriate indoor plant, then water them every day, and provide them with sufficient light. Flower vase also requires water-replacing frequently so that it would not smell or die, of course.

Artificial flowers do not need that much care. Sometimes when you have free time, grab the tower and clean them. They will instantly back to their selling status. 

Some Final Words:-

Have you come up with any usable ideas for your own kitchen yet?

There are numerous other excellent ideas of kitchen design on the internet that you should look through before jump in conclusion. Design is all about creative, right?

So if you have any outstanding ideas about kitchen decor and architecture, please let us now. 

Thank you for reading!

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas
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