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Top Motivational Quotes for Writers by Famous Authors



Motivational Quotes to Inspire the Writer

Inside everyone, a writer is waiting for their chance to shine. In varying ways, everyone has the opportunity to bring a page to life. At times, though, it takes an extra push of motivation to wake that inner writer up. One of the best ways to find this motivation is to look into the past to see the advice the authors who came before had.

Ray Bradbury was an accomplished writer who breached genre and medium. He touched fans of science fiction, horror, and even fantasy. He’s also become required reading as almost any student with a copy of Fahrenheit 451 can tell you.

The way he came to such versatility in talent was in the way he worked. Not only did he write every day, but he also read as much as he could. After all, it’s essential to be an expert in your craft.

That is a tip that students can use too. For instance, if you need to write an analytical essay as a response to a book, you should read more than just the assigned text. Read other analytical articles to become familiar with the style. For novice writers, there might also be used to look towards an essay writing service to get tips or help.

Motivational Quotes for Writers

“Just Write Every Day of Your Life. Read Intensely. Then See What Happens.” — Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury Motivational Quotes

There’s a common misconception that authors that have lucrative careers or legacies are born with a gift. That they always knew how to write and were destined for greatness the first time they put pen to paper. However, this is often far from reality.

Writing takes time to learn, not just the technical details such as grammar, but also how to link a story together and sometimes think creatively. That means each person has potential as a writer. Sometimes all you need is practice and dedication.

“It’s None of Their Business That You Have to Learn to Write. Let Them Think You Were Born That Way.”  Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway Motivational Quotes

As just mentioned, there exists a common misconception in writing. This misconception is the fact that there is a mystical barrier between unpublished or inexperienced writers and famous ones. As spoken by Richard Bach, this barrier merely is perseverance. To be a truly successful writer that’s meant to crucial to keep going.

“A Professional Writer Is an Amateur Who Didn’t Quit.”  Richard Bach

Richard Bach Motivational Quotes

Frequently, individuals don’t write because they aren’t sure they have it in them. They are concerned that if they do try, it will be something that isn’t worthwhile. The initial version that any writer has created isn’t great – Ernest Hemingway has claimed an equivalent phrase himself.

In case you are struggling with writer’s block, be free to write. It doesn’t need to be focused on the story or information are trying to write or generally anything specific. Just sit down and practice putting words on a page. Eventually, a great idea will come to mind.

“It’s Not the Fear of Writing That Blocks People; It’s the Fear of Not Writing Well.”  Scott Berkun

Scott Berkun Motivational Quotes

Have you ever wandered a bookstore or library wishing a specific book existed? Maybe a romance that stands out from the rest or a fantasy story that’s different from most. When you can’t spot these, there’s only one option. If you can’t find a book that fits those wants, use this idea to create something yourself. More than anything else, build what you love.


“If There’s a Book That You Want to Read, But It Hasn’t Been Written Yet, Then You Must Write It”  Toni Morrison



As a writer, there will be days when inspiration isn’t as handy or ideas aren’t fruitful. Use some of the wisdom of successful writers to keep you going even on the hard days.  


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