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Quotes About Dads Not Being There For Their Daughters

Quotes About Dads and Daughters

If you are here then you might be a single dad who is always at work and who pays no attention to his daughter. Another possibility is that you might be a daughter who started to hate her dad because he pays no attention to you.

It doesn’t matter that to which case do you belong. This post is for all of the mentioned cases.

Through this post, I will try my best to unite the sweet relationship between a Father and a Daughter. In this post, I arranged the best Quotes About Dads Not Being There For Their Daughters. So without wasting any more time, let’s move forward.

Either you are a father who is far away from his daughter or whose daughter hates him or if you are a girl who developed a hate for her dad due to distances. It’s my guarantee that these quotes are going to help you get rid of those distances.

Quotes About Dads and Daughters

“Yes! I understand, I was not with you when you needed me the most. But, now I am here to be your father once again.”

“I used to hate my father until he came and said sorry for not being there for me.”

“I am not a normal girl, because like every normal girl, I don’t have my father with me who loves me and care for me.”

“My father used to beat up my mom badly. I thought he would do the same with me too. So I ran away from home. I still miss my dad.”

“My dad was my hero. I don’t know how I started to hate my hero.”

“My daughter proved to be a rebel. At the start, I tried to hate her, but I failed because she had my blood in her veins and that’s why even after trying to hate her, I loved her.”

“If my dad was alive, I could hug him and say sorry to him.”

Final Words:-

These quotes were baked to melt your heart for your daughter or your father. Do let me and the writers know if these quotes helped in making the father-daughter bond stronger.

Nobody’s social status gets destroyed for saying sorry. Just try once to say sorry. I am pretty sure your relation will revive again. So that was all, if you guys enjoyed reading it, then do let me know by comments. Also don’t forget to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms.


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Quotes About Dads and Daughters
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