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Top Secret Tips To Create CV Winners

Tips To Create CV

Getting the desired position seems to be a big dream for everyone. Of course, you want to obtain a good job which suits your interests.

But, you’re still struggling with impressing your recruiters and stepping into interviews. It looks like a tough task for you.

So, how can you make hiring managers fall for your CV?

There is no need to worry. I’m here to help you discover secret tips for a CV winner.

Are you ready? Sit tight and read through the details below.

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CV vs. Resume

A CV (Curriculum Vitae) means “course of life” in Latin. The US, Canada, and Australia are using a CV for academic purposes.

Primarily, it outlines your detailed information of professional career. In the meantime, a CV in other nations is quite similar to an American resume.

Well, maybe you think about the differences between them are.

Let’s get straight to them. By and large, there’s nearly no formal difference. The bottom line is that if you want to apply for a job in a European country, you should create a CV while preparing a resume for a US-based company.

However, some people assume that a resume (1 or 2 pages) seems to be shorter than a detailed CV (3 or 4 pages).

Notes for an impressive CV

1. Select the right format

Well, face the music. When you’re applying for a dream vacancy, you might be competing against hundreds of candidates.

Imagine you’re a recruiter. Do you read all of these CVs thoroughly? Of course not. Neither your hiring managers do.

In general, they seem to spend around 6 seconds skimming every CV. So, don’t lose a chance to make a good impression on them at first glance.

I would say that, in this case, a neat, organized, and proper CV can work correctly.

On the other hand, a messy and poorly-prepared document can make your job slip away.

Then, be careful in choosing an excellent format to win the first-round review.

Curious about a proper format?

Think about your proper CV format

Here is my recommendation:

  • Exact Contact Information in the header
  • CV Objective or CV Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional Sections

2. Choose a clear, understandable font

Be humble, my folks! Indeed, you want to draw your recruiters’ attention. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should go for a weird font or icon.

In general, you can select a standard font such as Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Bookman Old Style.

Besides, based on your format and CV styles, your font size can be various.

However, keep in mind to keep it clear and concise. For example, you can use 11 or 12 pt and single spacing while titles can be around 14 to 16 pt.

3. Keep your CV layout in harmony

It might look so weird and hard to read if you set different formats or designs for a single element in a CV.

To make sure that your CV is brief and precise, you should keep it uniform.

Maybe, you can set one-inch margins for every side of the paper A4 while making all headings larger and in bold or italics as desired.

Keeping your CV in harmony can show hiring managers your professional attitudes to your ideal positions.

So, don’t forget to stick to the same format and layout from margin, fonts, sizes to single dates, and other information.

4. Don’t overuse gimmicky graphics

A CV is a professional career document. Therefore, less is more. An excellent tip for you is to keep it clear, well-structured, and neat.

In other words, appropriate white space is your good friend. Your recruiters still need more room to breathe and feel relaxed.

Be careful when you try to use graphics because it can make your CV narrow, messy, illegible, and childish.

Also, sometimes, you have to print out and hand your CV, these graphics will turn black and white, which is more unreadable.

5. Keep your CV precise and relevant

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Recruitment has become more hectic day by day since a vacancy can attract tons of applicants at one time. Honestly, recruiters have less time to read through every detail in a CV.

Thus, don’t tell your whole life story in your CV, please. Otherwise, recruiters will pass it away in a second.

It is noteworthy for you to maintain your document concise, relevant, and clean.

Likewise, only add necessary information to it, such as exact contact details.

A hiring manager can make use of these contact information to google your on the Internet or social media to ensure that you’re a perfect match for their position.

6. Don’t skip your CV objective or summary

It will be a mistake if you forget to add your profile to the CV. Many applicants usually jump away into their work experience or education after detailing their contact information. But, you had better not do it.

Are you asking me why?

Recruiters won’t remember you. I mean that it doesn’t make your CV outstanding or personalize. Instead, what you should do is to fill a short personal profile statement on the top of your CV.

Don’t make it too lengthy. All you need is to keep a short paragraph of 100 words which tells who you are and why you fit their job correctly.

In this case, you can use either a CV summary or objective.

ACV summary emphasizes your career progress and achievements, which can pop up your various work experience.

Meanwhile, a CV objective highlights your skills and how you might fit the vacancy, which suits for students with little real experiences.

Come to an End

Are you still following me until now? Above are useful tips for you to make your CV stand out from the rest.

If you are struggling with applying for a great job, I hope that these tips can help you get your ideal vacancy as well as save your time and effort.

Also, remember that you will reap the benefits of all the hard works.

Don’t hesitate to leave some comments below to share with everybody your experience, other tips, and ideas.


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