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How to Register and Become an E-Commerce Seller on Flipkart?

Flipkart Seller Registration

Having a business but still not convinced with the profits? What if millions of users can see your products without shifting the location of your shop or anything? Now you can increase your business with less-efforts without any loss and extra money expenditure. Noteworthy improvements in technology and the fast speed of growth in the e-commerce sector have increased the number of people buying products online. Among many e-commerce websites, Flipkart tends to provide a great deal for sellers to open up their business. Flipkart Seller registration, Your local business can become nationwide. When you will have an online store, which will be open for business 24/7. Flipkart has an automated order and payment processing system, and sales can happen at any time, and customers can place an order as per their convenience.

How to sell on Flipkart?

Anyone who wants to start an online business product can sell it on Flipkart or can become a Flipkart seller. At first, you have to register your Company to kick-start your business. Company registration and GST Registration are the essential requisites to register and start your online business with Flipkart.

Initial Steps to become a Flipkart Seller

Step 1: Registration of Business Entity

  •  You can register your business entity in Private Limited Company or Sole Proprietorship or any other suitable form of business entity. In Private Limited Company, registration of PAN and TAN is included with the Private Limited Company registration.

Step 2: Registration of Tax

  •    Once you have registered your Business or Company, GST Registration is mandatory to proceed further.
  •    GST registration will provide a unique GSTIN.
  •    GSTIN is compulsory and will provide further benefits.

Step 3: Create a Bank Account

  •   It is compulsory to have a Bank Account in the name of Company or organization to get registered as a Seller on Flipkart.

Procedure to register on Flipkart Seller Portal

Once you have registered your Company and Bank Account is created, you will now have to register on Flipkart Seller Hub. Flipkart Seller registration process is straightforward and can be initiated from the Flipkart Seller portal or can access from this link –

Flipkart Seller Registration Process

The process of Flipkart seller registration has three steps.

Step 1: Visit Flipkart Seller Hub to open an Account on Flipkart Seller Hub or click here You will be redirected towards Flipkart Seller Registration page, there you have to enter your name and email address and submit it. After which you will receive a confirmation email from Flipkart.

Step 2: Confirmation of Details

Check your mailbox for the confirmation mail from Flipkart. In the e-mail, there would be a confirmation link given, click on the link to confirm it. After that, you are required to verify your mobile number for which you will have to provide a complete address with pin code of the place from where you prefer Flipkart to pick your products. When you complete the process, you will get redirected to a new window.

Step 3: Seller Information

You are required to enter information that has been asked by Flipkart for registration. These details are mandatory. You have to give some details to complete the registration process.

  •    Business Details
  1.     Business Name: In this field, you have to enter your business name.
  2.    GSTIN: In this field, a scanned copy of your GSTIN No. is required to upload.
  3.    TAN: Provide TAN no. if you want to claim TDS or else select option “I don’t have TAN.”
  •    Bank Details

Account Holder Name: Account holder name by which you operate your company’s transaction.

Bank Account Number: The account number by which you operate company’s transaction.

Retype Account Number: Retype the account number.

IFSC Code: IFSC code is necessary which is mentioned on the cheque of the account or asks your bank if you don’t know.

Bank & Branch: Fill the name of the Bank and Branch of the company’s account.

PAN Card: The scanned copy of your PAN card is needed to upload.

  •    Store Details

Display Name: The store name of your company should be entered.

Store Description: Write a little introduction regarding the store and the products you wish to sell.

Flipkart takes a declaration if the trademark is not registered or applied, by the seller. If someone else uses and has asked for the trademark, the brand registration will be provided to the other person. It is advisable to register your products under a brand name or trademark to protect yourself from further legal entanglements as once you have established your shop and started making profits then there may be a chance that your brand logo or brand name might get copied or can be used by another person. This might affect your business.

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Flipkart Seller Pricing

Flipkart makes the fastest payments. They have three-tier systems of payments based on the performance of the seller. The payment is made within the 7-15 business days from the date of order dispatch. For Gold Sellers, it’s 7 business days and Silver Sellers it is 10 days, whereas, for Bronze sellers, it takes 15 days. Sellers decide the price of their products they sell and Flipkart charge a small fee on the successful orders.

The settlement amount is determined after the deductions made for marketplace fee, GST on marketplace fee, shipping fee, a commission fee, collection fee and a fixed fee on the value of the item ordered.

Settlement Amount: (The amount that will be credited to the seller’s bank account within 7-15 business days of successful dispatch) = Order Item Value (Selling price and Shipping charge paid by customer and excludes discount offered by Seller) – Market Place fee (Includes shipping fee, fixed fee and selling commission) – GST on marketplace fee(18% of Marketplace Fee)


Registering on Flipkart Seller and selling your products online became very easy after easier access to the internet. Make sure not to indulge in unfair practices and to get yourself registered. Just get the documents that are required by Flipkart. The discriminatory practices can even lead you to get blacklisted by Flipkart under Flipkart Seller Policy. Now gear up, register yourself and start selling.


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