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Does Online Prayer Request Really Work?

Online Prayer

When you pray, you are having a personal conversation with God, and there are different techniques you can adopt for this purpose. Very often, you may have a million things to share with your divine best friend covering joys, heartaches, and immense gratitude. 

Writing these down serves as a reminder of the things you desire and all the blessings coming your way. The opportunity of then placing all these intentions in a sacred place where our Lord was crucified, buried, and rose again is such an honor.

An online prayer request is a sure way of:

  • Increasing your chances of your prayers being heard 
  • Including others in joining you to pray for what you hold dear
  • Sharing your highs and lows with other faithful disciples
  • Keeping your hope alive in the power of God 
  • Ensuring your genuine intentions are given the care and respect they deserve
  • Giving you reassurance and comfort knowing that others are praying with you
  • Enhancing your spiritual health

Without the prayers of your well-wishers and community members, it becomes hard to overcome life’s many challenges. In all humility, you must learn to surrender to the workings of your creator, who eventually makes everything fall into place.

Strengthen Your Bond with the Almighty

After sending your request for prayers and making a small donation, here is what follows that adds meaning to your petitions:

Lifting Your Intentions

When you send your intentions to the holiest church, the religious congregations residing there offer it up in prayer. This thoughtful ritual is carried out daily for the innumerable requests received from around the globe.

Gestures of Reverence

On your request, a print-out of your prayers is placed at a sacred spot within the church, and a candle is lit for the intention you send. These gestures of reverence enacted on your behalf demonstrate your faith in God‘s merciful ways.

Receipt of Souvenir

As a keepsake souvenir, the document with your prayer request is mailed to you along with visuals. You will receive either a photograph or a video as desired that virtually transports you to the same site where your prayer has been placed, and candles lit.

Responsible for Furthering God’s Ministry

Your monetary contributions sent along with requests for prayers, keep the church and all its sacred spots fully operational. The funds raised thanks to generous donors like you cover the expenses of such holy places. In this manner, you assist in furthering God’s ministry and sharing His grace with those most in need.

Know that your prayers are being heard in places of worship that are integral to your faith, even without your physical presence. The world needs healing, and the most powerful way you can contribute is by praying for others. 

This list includes those who have asked for your prayers and others who have nobody to pray for them. When you believe in the power of prayer and devote quality time to this spiritual act, your blessings multiply.

Hand over your petitions to the holiest Holy Sepulchre and wait for God’s miracles to unfold.


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