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Happy Onam Quotes, Wishes and Messages for an Enchanted Life



Onam Quotes

Onam is the harvest festival that is celebrated all across India and the world and is majorly popular among Keralites. According to Hinduism, the festival falls on the 22nd Nakshatra Thiruvonam, in the Malayali calendar month of Chingam, which marks the beginning of the Malayalam calendar popularly called as Kolla Varsham. “Happy Onam Quotes”

The festival usually falls in the months of August and September and is estimated over a span of 10 days. The festival is flagged off on the day known popularly as Atham, which finally culminates on the tenth day, known as Thiru Onam or Thiruvonam, which is marked as most auspicious day during entire 10 days festival Onam. This year in 2020 Onam will begin on Saturday, 22 August, and will end on Wednesday, 2 September.

The festival in India is celebrated to honor the Keralite much-beloved demon King Mahabali, who is believed to return to Kerala during Onam. According to Hindu legends is believed that the coastal kingdom of Kerala was once ruled by the demon king Mahabali of the asura tribal dynasty he was brave secular hardworking and the kind-hearted king which made him loved by the masses irrespective of castes this made Gods very insecure, by the popularity and love Mahabali got, this made them united and asked Lord Vishnu to help to eradicate Mahabali.

Onam Festival Images

This is when Lord Vishnu took his fifth avatar, in the form of the Brahmin dwarf, Vamana, and visited King Mahabali. When Keralite King Mahabali inquired from his agents what dwarf brahmin Vamana wished for, he was told by his ministers that Vamana wanted three paces of land.

When he was granted the tribute by this Vamana grew in size and with the first pace he covered the sky, and with the second he covered the underworld. When it came to the third pace, King Mahabali offered his own head. This impressed Lord Vishnu very much, so he granted Mahabali the right to visit his people every year during Onam and since then Onam is celebrated each year with joy and fervor.

The festival of Onam has great importance. And the festival is celebrated with full charm. So let’s send out the choicest wishes to our loved ones, by sharing Onam Quotes & Wishes.

Happy Onam Quotes Wishes

“Onam is not just a festival to cherish, but a moment to reincarnate a past of prosperity and goodness.”

Onam Wishes Wallpapers

“Keep the spirit of Onam in your hearts. May your home be filled with joy, love, and peace. Happy Onam!!”

Onam Quotes Wishes Pictures

“May God bless you and your family and fill your home with the lights and colors of Onam happiness and joy.”

Best Happy Onam Wishes Photos

“As onam spirit travel all over I wish a happy onam with grant onam sadya and happiness. Happy Onam”

Onam Wishes Messages

“Celebrate the day with a heart filled with peace, love and hope. May you find happiness in life. Happy Onam!”

Happy Onam Quotes Photos

“Wish you all a euphoric, prosperous, colorful, healthy, wealthy, and fun-filled Onam! Let this season brings you a lot of good luck, peace of mind, happiness and all that you wish!”

“Mat this spirit of Onam remains everywhere whatever you do, whatever you think, whatever you hope in your life. Happy Onam!”


“My heartfelt Onam wishes for you. May all your dreams come true this Onam. Have a beautiful and prosperous Onam.”

Onam Greetings Quotes

“I may be miles away, but the spirit of Onam will always stay in my heart. So, let’s celebrate this Onam festival by heart and my soul. Happy Onam to you!”

“As Kerala welcomes our dear King, I wish you an Onam, filled with Happiness and Joy My heartfelt Onashamsakal. Happy Onam”

“May Lord Vamana bless you with a wonderful harvest of your deeds at all times and on this festive occasion, may you reap a wonderful harvest of crop, relationship, and happiness. Happy Onam”

“Onam is a perfect time for the family to bond. So this year’s Onam, I wish you and your family to have a good time. Happy Onam!”

Latest Happy Onam Wishe

“A great Pookalam is an assimilation of design of assorted bright flowers, idea, commitment, group work, and perseverance. It imitates life as these are the prerequisites for constructing an outstanding life. Happy Onam”

“May your life be as colorful as the color of Onam. Wishing you lots of prosperity and good fortune. Happy Onam!”

Onam Messages Wishes Images

“Festivals bring the family together. It gives reason to have fun one more time. A festival like Onam brings prosperity to the family. It gives reason to smile One more time. Happy Onam to you and your family!

“Sending the most heartwarming greetings to your way. May God guide and bless you with good health and good life. Happy Onam”

Happy Onam Quotes Sayings

Final Words:-

Onam is a very famous and grandly celebrated festival in South India. It is considered a harvest festival celebrated in Kerala. This festival ends for 10 days and the last day is ended with a great feast(Sadhya).

Every Malayalee’s house(Kerala/International) is decorated & organized with colorful rangolis to welcome Maveli, who is a mythological king of Kerala. During Maveli’s rule, there was no theft, poverty, and people lived in harmony. It is considered as Onam crushes obstacles and joins people regardless of their caste in Kerala.

We once again wish you a very Happy Onam, so now it’s your turn to wish your loved ones with lovely greetings by sharing out these Happy Onam Quotes Wishes Images only from Yourself Quotes.



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