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Legendary Singer Bappi Lahiri’s Most Memorable Quotes and Songs Lyrics



Bappi Lahiri Quotes

Who does not know Bappi Lahiri, a musician and singer laden with gold ornaments, does not need any introduction. With great sadness, Bappi Ji has passed away (February 16, 2022). 

Bappi Da was born in Kolkata, and I was born on November 27, 1952. His real name is Alokesh Lahiri, and everyone fondly calls him Bappi Lahiri Lahiri.

When it comes to disco songs in Hindustani music, the first thing that comes to mind is the name of Bappi Lahiri, who gave so many superhit disco songs in his time, which still sizzle on people’s lips.

Let us tell you that Alokesh Lahiri (Bappi Lahiri) has been listening to his music since childhood. When he was three years old, he started playing the tabla. Most importantly, when he was four years old, he played the tabla in a song with Lata Ji, and from that, his journey started in the world of music, and he gave his first music at the age of 14. Bappi Dada is the only Bollywood Famous in Hollywood and the world of Hollywood. 

Bappi Lahiri added pop to Bollywood songs and gave a new taste to the Indian audience. Famous musician and singer Bappi Lahiri started preparing for music from a young age. 

When he was three years old, he started learning to play the tabla. Kishore Kumar was his maternal uncle, and he is credited with bringing Bappi to the field of music. When Bappi Lahiri was 19 years old, he came to Mumbai from Kolkata. 

In 1973, he landed the position of forming music for the film ‘Ninja Shikari’. He gained pieces from his folks and had recently sung in Bengali movies. His father, Aparesh Lahiri, was a Bengali singer, and his mother was a flute musician. 

However, Bappi Lahiri got recognition from the 1975 film Zakhmi. In this film, she sang along with Rafi and Kishore Kumar.


Bappi Lahiri Quotes

“I respect and believe in all religions.” — Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri Quotes

“I want to bring forth the historical significance of Sreerampur and turn it into a tourism hub.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I was the first Indian music composer to win the China Gold Award for ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ from ‘Disco Dancer.’ Adam Sandler repeated the song in his film ‘Zohan.’ ‘Disco Dancer’ is historical, as are ‘Sharaabi’ and ‘Namak Halal.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I am a karma yogi and I think without God’s blessings no one can achieve anything in this world.” — Bappi Lahiri

“Unlike others, I wear my gold at all times. That’s why it’s become my image and people call me the Gold Man.” — Bappi Lahiri

“Reality shows like ‘SaReGaMaPa’ are a huge platform for young talent. Thanks to television, they have more exposure than we could even imagine.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I have rings of many different sizes and designs, mainly hip-hop, and an extensive bracelet collection.” — Bappi Lahiri

“Everybody has dreams.” — Bappi Lahiri

“What keeps an artiste going is the adulation of the masses.” — Bappi Lahiri


“All these years, I have never forgotten what my parents have given me, and that is why I take special pride in composing music based on ragas and used folk music in films like ‘Apne Paraye.” — Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri Quotes On Music

“Music is my soul and I can easily say, it is the secret of my youth.” — Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri Quotes On Music

“I’ve been lucky. Massy songs like ‘Bambai se aaya mera dost’ from one of my earliest films and ‘Tu ne maari entry’ have been specially successful for me. I am blessed.” — Bappi Lahiri

“Congress is a culture and I would love to be part of it.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I’m not an actor like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitji or Salman Khan. My magic lies in my music.” — Bappi Lahiri

“Ever since my childhood days in Kolkata, where I was born, I had seen my father interacting with Congressmen.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I have rings of many different sizes and designs, mainly hip-hop, and an extensive bracelet collection.” — Bappi Lahiri

“People often complain that celebrities after joining politics are not seen once the polls are over. But I am not like them. I would work for development.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I still remember how we, all in the family, used to sit in front of the radio to listen to Ameen Sayani’s programme of top 10 songs ‘Binaka Geetmala’ in which I was constantly ranked number one for many weeks.” — Bappi Lahiri


“If I can do anything to help Bollywood by being in politics, I think it’s worth my while.” — Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri Motivational Quotes

“I don’t sing for awards, I sing for rewards!” — Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri Motivational Quotes

“My favorites are Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, and Mohammed Rafi. They are the four legends. I have worked with them in hundreds of songs.” — Bappi Lahiri

“So many distinguished members of our film fraternity like Lalita Pawar, A K Hangal, and OP Nayyar faced financial hardships before they passed away. We need to look after the old and vulnerable entertainers.” — Bappi Lahiri

“In India, women are respected the most. Mothers, wives, sisters, daughters.” — Bappi Lahiri

“If you come to my house in Kolkata, it is full of gold and platinum discs.” Bappi Lahiri

“I’m the only composer who has scored for two-three generations of actors.” — Bappi Lahiri

“Be it for Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan or Dharmendra, Sunny Deol or Sunil Dutt, Sanjay Dutt – I have done it all.” — Bappi Lahiri

“Jeetendra and I had 14 silver jubilee films.” — Bappi Lahiri


“Gold is lucky for me.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I have always got gold from my family.” — Bappi Lahiri

“It’s in God’s hands when we come on this earth and when we leave.” — Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri Inspiring Quotes About Music

“My style of songs will never get old because the music is very catchy.” — Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri Inspiring Quotes About Music

“My parents, Aparesh and Bansari Lahiri were very famous singers from Kolkata.” — Bappi Lahiri

“At the age of 11, I started composing, and my first composition was sung by my father.” — Bappi Lahiri

“If I become an MP I’ll work for both Bollywood and Tollywood, specially for the old and out of work technicians. This is not an idle promise, Bappi Lahiri will keep his word.” — Bappi Lahiri

“Throughout my career I’ve never worried about who will be singing my song on the screen.” — Bappi Lahiri

“Bappi Lahiri has a voice that alone is loud and musical enough to sway people.” — Bappi Lahiri


“I have done 33 films in one year, for which I hold a Guinness Book World record. Plus I’ve done songs for all languages from Hindi to Malayalam, Punjabi to Telugu, and Kannada to Oriya.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I was about 19 when I began working for Hindi films.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I cannot be confined to just one or two kinds of music.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I am extremely lucky I have done so many songs with Lata Mangeshkar.” — Bappi Lahiri

“There is a lot of talent in our slums.” — Bappi Lahiri

Best Quotes By Bappi Lahiri

“I am the godfather of disco.” — Bappi Lahiri

Best Quotes By Bappi Lahiri

“I owe 40 per cent of my success to films from the south like ‘Himmatwala,’ ‘Toofan,’ ‘Mawaali,’ ‘Maqsad,’ Tamil and Telegu films such as ‘Big Boss,’ ‘Apurva Shar,’ ‘Gangleader,’ etc. I salute the south for contributing immensely to my success.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I watched so many matches of Jarnail Singh, P.K. Banerjee, Chuni Goswami and Peter Thangaraj.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I’ve always been a football fanatic.” — Bappi Lahiri


“Lata Mangeshkar is an old friend. I knew her through my father Aparesh Lahiri who was a music director in Calcutta.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I have been a tabla player since the age of four.” — Bappi Lahiri

“The first film I gave music for was a Bengali film called ‘Dadu.” — Bappi Lahiri

“It never bothered me that people made fun of my passion for gold… I would never feel bad when people ridiculed me for my fascination with gold.” — Bappi Lahiri

“I don’t wear any jewelry or gold at home.” — Bappi Lahiri

In Hollywood, famous singer Elvis Presley used to wear gold chains. I was a huge follower of Presley. I used to think, if I become successful someday, then I will build a different image of mine. By the grace of God, I could do it with gold.” — Bappi Lahiri

“Abroad in Hollywood, I am called Bling Bling Bappi.” — Bappi Lahiri

Best Quotes On Bappi Lahiri

The Bottom-Line:

Decades have passed, but even today, no show on the dance stage is complete without ‘Tamma Tamma Loge‘. This thing and now ‘Been Bajati Nagin’ have also been added. Yes, if you have feet and they dance to the tune of music, how can you forget Bappi Da.

As told above, today, he has died. This is the same Bappi da. Who gave rock and disco to Bollywood. Gave the dancers something new which is getting developed till date. Famous musician and singer Bappi Lahiri was born on November 27, 1952, in Kolkata. 


Bappi Da, who is always loaded with gold ornaments, is different from others in appearance. His music is also different. Bappi Lahiri entered Bollywood in the 70s and dominated till the 80s. The 90s were nothing special for him, but he kept working. Bappi sang Oo La Oo Lala. in the ‘Dirty Picture’ delivered in 2011, which turned into a tremendous hit.


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