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Michael Jackson Quotes To Rock And Roll Your Life



Michael Jackson Quotes

Michael Jackson, full name Michael Joseph Jackson was a stunning American singer, songwriter, and dancer. He is considered one of the most enthusiastic cultural figures of the 20th century. He used to entertain people with his marvelous performance on stage.

Michael Jackson Birthday: Jackson was born on 29th August 1958 in Gary, Indiana, near Chicago, United States.

Michael Jackson Family: Michael was born in a working-class African-American family. His father Joseph Walter “Joe” Jackson, was a former boxer, a crane operator at U.S. Steel, and played guitar with a local rhythm and blues band, the Falcons, to run the family. His mother Katherine Esther Jackson, played clarinet and piano, had aspired to be a country-and-western performer and also worked part-time at Sears. Michael had three sisters, Rebbie, La Toya & Janet, and five brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Randy.

In 1964, Michael Jackson made his first professional debut with his elder brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon. Then he began his solo career in 1971 and in the early 1980s, he became a prominent star in popular music. Some of his famous music videos include “Beat It”, “Billie Jean”, and “Thriller”. His on-stage performance was worth watching. He popularized with his brilliant dancing techniques such as the robot and the moonwalk. His style influenced artists of various genres. His top-most selling album was Thriller. It estimated sales of over 350 million records worldwide.

Michael Jackson Images

Michael Jackson holds hundreds of awards and accolades, more than any other artist in the history of popular music. He was ranked Most Successful Entertainer of All Time as per Guinness world records. In his bag of achievements, he holds 15 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards, and 13 number-one US singles. He was one and only artist who topped the list of 10 single in the Billboard Hot 100 in five different decades. In 2016, as per Forbes, his estate earned $825 million. Michael died on 25th June 2009 because of a cardiac arrest.

Michael showed us the new way to rock and roll in life facing all the hardships and miseries. So let’s go through some of the most stunning Michael Jackson Quotes.

Michael Jackson Quotes

“Please go for your dreams. Whatever your ideas, you can become whatever you want to become.” — Michael Jackson

Best Michael Jackson Quotes Images

“Pursue your dreams and believe in yourself. You can be whatever you want to become.” — Michael Jackson

Best Michael Jackson Quotes

“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Quotes Images

“I happen to be colour blind. I don’t hire colour, I hire competence.” — Michael Jackson

Inspiring Michael Jackson Quotes

“To give someone a piece of your heart, is worth more than all the wealth in the world.” — Michael Jackson

Quotes about Michael Jackson

“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Quotes About Dance

“Lies run sprints, but truth runs marathons.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson michael jackson Motivation Quotes

“Let’s do what’s right not only for ourselves, but for the children. — Michael Jackson

michael jackson inspiration Quotes

“To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?” — Michael Jackson

Famous Michael Jackson Quotes Images

“Hope is such a beautiful word, but it often seems very fragile. Life is still being needlessly hurt and destroyed.” — Michael Jackson

Best Michael Jackson Quotes

“Remember,the press is a business: Newspapers and magazines are in business to make money – sometimes at the expense of accuracy, fairness and even the truth.” — Michael Jackson

“I am an Instrument of Nature..Love is my message.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Quote Images on Love

“Always believe in yourself. No matter who’s around you being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off. Because whatever you believe, you become.” — Michael Jackson


“Culture changes, fashions change, customs change. Great music is immortal.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Quotes Photos

“Being on stage is magic. There’s nothing like it. You feel the energy of everybody who’s out there. You feel it all over your body. When the lights hit you, it’s all over, I swear it is.” — Michael Jackson

“Words may not hurt you physically, but they can destroy you emotionally.” — Michael Jackson

Quotes by Michael Jackson Quotes

“The best dreams are when your eyes are wide open…Go for you dreams.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Quotes

“Be with me and let us feel the power of life together as one creature here on earth.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Quotes on Life

“I don’t care if the whole world is against you or seeing you or saying you’re not gonna make it. Believe in yourself, no matter what.” — Michael Jacksonn

“Be humble, believe in yourself and have the love of the world in your heart.” — Michael Jackson

Believe in Yourself Quotes by Michael Jackson

“Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you are singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.” — Michael Jackson

“To me true bravery is settling differences without a fight and having the wisdom to make that solution possible.” — Michael Jackson

Quotes by Michael Jackson

“Hidden in the drawer of innocence, wrapped in a scarf of wonder.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Quotes You Will Enjoy

“The courage to be honest and intimate opens the way to self-discovery. It offers what we all want, the promise of love.” — Michael Jackson

Inspiring Michael Jackson Quotes Images

“So the elephants march on, and every thread beats out words in the dust: Watch, learn, love. Watch, learn, love.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Quotes on Love

“You can bring out your inner self and moods through dancing. Music does the same.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Best Quotes

“It’s been my dream since I was a child to somehow unite people of the world through love and music.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Quotes Images

Final Words:-

Michael Jackson started singing from a very young age, and with time his voice and vocal style changed. And this is the reason he is known for his vocal range. His first album released was Thriller and it was named as the most successful music video ever by the Guinness World Records. Jackson possessed a talent for transforming the music video into an art form and a promotional tool through complex storylines, dance routines, special effects, and famous cameos while breaking down racial barriers. He even became a popular image of controversy because of his changing appearance, relationships, behavior, and lifestyle.

The way Michael influenced all by his music and dance talent on stage, he also amused people by his style of performance, way of talking, and walk-style. In the same way, you can also influence and share your experience with others around by sharing these stunning Michael Jackson Quotes Images.


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